What Cooking Store
is close to you?

Our Let's Get Cookin' stores are the perfect places to find a cooking reference or kitchen gadget!

We have 2 Locations. A Reference Library and Kitchen Gadgets.

Cooking is serious and fun all in one!

We spend hours in the kitchen preparing our meals so why not be able to find the cooking reference or gadget without leaving your home.

And, as a serious amatuer or professional, you want to have as many reference and tools in your cooking arsenal as possible. That's what makes it so much fun. So....

Take a peek. Have some fun, and come back often.

Chris & John

The Store Fronts

Supply your kitchen.  Here are some suggested items we use in our kitchen.

  • 2 quart cooker
  • 4 and 6 quart Nesco Roaster
  • Pasta scoop
  • Pasta Maker (hand operated)
  • Hand slicer
  • Hand Grater
  • 10 inch frying pan
  • 8 inch frying pan
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • 2 cup measuring cup
  • Various pyrex loaf pans (3 or 4 are ideal)
  • 1 quart sauce pan
  • 2 quart sauce pan
  • Chopping blocks (small and medium)
  • Various size hand whips
  • Wooden spoons and spatulas
  • Serving dishes
  • Various size mixing bowls (plastic is fine)
  • Can Openers (one battery and one hand operated)
  • Various size knives (Paring, Chopping and Bread type)
  • Dry measure spoons and cups

We suggest you do an inventory of your current items so not to duplicate some items that are not used as often.

Cook Books are also an item you want to have.  

Some are social type cook books so check find one that provides measurements and cooking information as well as recipes. 

As we discover other types of cook tools we will update the page. And by all means if you have an item you use a lot let us know.

Visit Our Let's Get Cookin' Store Reference Library. 

Find Your Favorite Kitchen Gadget Here! 

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