Make Your Own Web Site that is Google Compliant!

Make your own website with Site Build It and don't worry about the skills or spend thousands on a web master or graphic artist!

Let me explain...

Our site is about easy everyday cooking recipes. If you can learn how to cook, you can learn how to build a web site.

You need ingredients (topics) and tools (computer, software)and a bit of imagination.

On a daily basis, we have to eat. We prepare recipes and eat the food we cook.

Some of us excel in this endeavor and others just get by.

Webmasters and graphic artists can cook and I am sure some of them excel at it, 

but do the websites they build achieve page one status while not paying a dime for advertising?  Ours Does!

On the cooking networks there are hundreds of chefs and each have their own style and cooking niche. You find one that you like and try their cooking style, and, you start cooking their style.

When you make your own website, you are that chef.

Your style is you and your website should reflect that tone and here is where SBI comes in.

SEO web design is for geeks!

SBI is about the people you want to have visit your site when they search.

Make your own website - On Steroids!

SBI is your computer geek on steroids!

We have found that our website gets thousands of page views and the search engines do this for us. How?

By using SBI, we have taken a very competitive topic to achieve page one ranking.

In other words, our site is one of the first two or three on a web page when you search for easy everyday cooking. And, it was not difficult.

Make your own website, like ours, Easy Everyday cooking recipes was decided not because cooking is easy. It is a popular subject! Too popular and the food industry dominates it!

But our site sits right on the same page as theirs and when someone wants something other than the institutional approach, something with character, they visit our site!

So why not make your own website?

Chris and I love cooking at home. It is fun and we find that cooking a new recipe is always an adventure.

In addtion, we wanted to bring back to life our original cook book we created years ago titled Recipes From Louise, Italian American style recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Many of our close friends and family have tasted these meals over the years and were never disappointed but I digress.

How do you make your own web site, one that people will visit? One that people will like?

We have found that search engines are like Mother Nature.

And you know, you cannot fool with Mother Nature!

And that is exactly what technology geeks try to do!

If you make your own website, you can avoid most of the geek speak!

Webmasters are always trying to use technology to achieve page one rankings, when all they have to use is SBI.

This is where SBI makes them eat dust!

Try this... type "make your own website" in the search box below and view the results.... 

Custom Search

If you noticed, the search revealed all the sites that say free, but if you noticed, you will be paying for web hosting, a domain name and who knows what else they offer you for tools.

When you follow the SBI formula, the search engines make it easy for you to get free traffic.

SBI allows you to make the choices that are right for your website. They dont use "trickery" to achieve page one rankings for you.

You follow their successful formula and in no time, your website can be on page number one.

After years of staying on the bleeding edge of SEO, I finally came across the SBI platform.

SBI is a formula. It includes all of tools needed to build a website that gets traffic.

It includes video training.  It includes guidance.  It includes hosting.

Why try to reinvent the wheel?

Any ISP can host. But, this ISP is all inclusive!

Always encouraging, you get to use what they call brain and motivation.

There are forums and more help than you get in grade school, high school or college!

And, it is the guidance needed for today’s' Internet. What a recipe for success!

In addition, if you are an experienced web developer and are tired of having to be on the bleeding edge of the SEO engine, SBI lets you use your own design software while continuing to provide additional tools, guidance and all that geek stuff.

This system definitely gives you results and reduces the clutter that haunts the Internet.

And if you search you will find all kinds of site building websites. Sites that offer you a range of features, and free stuff!

But I want you to know, there is no such thing as a free website!

Let me say this again.... There is No such thing as a Free Website!

In addition, SBI will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision should you decide to build a successful site that gets the clicks!

Do not take our word for it, see how others are using SBI and take the plunge.

Looking to your website success, John and Chris

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