What does Rachael Ray and Easy Dinners have In Common?

YOU and easy dinners of course.... Our most celebrated TV home cooking wizard is Rachel Ray, a fun-loving career woman/homemaker.

Like Rachel, Chris learned very traditional ways her family prepared meals, and while none of Chris' family were professional, we continue in the home-schooled tradition.  

However, with the onset of all the great cooking shows on TV today, the things you pickup from them are very useful when you cook.

For instance, the cool cookware such as pots, pans, mixers, blenders make cooking a whole lot easier with less of a chance cutting a finger with a sharp instrument.

And the fabulous electrics that abound can make an ordinary sandwich turn out to be something your children will identify as good to eat.

While we do not proclaim to be on the level of Rachel Ray, our easy chicken recipes and easy Italian recipes have been served up many times and there usually are no left-overs, but as always, make enough to have left-overs to use as a lunch or dinner meal when on the go!  

Today our easy recipes can be found in just about any recipe web site or cookbook with two exceptions.

First they have been modified so that you can taste the ingredients.

They stand by themselves and when assembled with sauces or combined with other dishes the flavor comes through.

Taste is timeless and if you ever need to kick it up a notch, go for it!  A little additional spice goes a long way.

Try these easy dinners and come back for more.

Easy Dinners

Cape Cod Fillets
Meatloaf Potatoes and Green Beans
Louises Meat Balls
Baked Macaroni & Cheese
Parmesan Panko Crusted Cod

Should you prefer to size these meals down a bit don't do it.  Do what we have done for over 20 years..... 

During those times, Chris and I had some pretty complicated schedules.

There would be times I was not home to have a sit down meal with my daughter and wife so we would split the meals into smaller portions and freeze them.

Taking them out of the freezer and into an oven or microwave would solve the problem of what to have for dinner while we were apart or passed in the night.

As we have expressed on our other pages, we have enjoyed these meals time after time and seem never to become tired or bored with them.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we have.  And note, a couple of them take some time and do not appear to be easy, but when you prepare these, do as we have done and used them for meals or snacks to heat up later in the weeks ahead.

John & Chris

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