What are Italian Pasta recipes and Why Are They So Enjoyable?

There is a ton of conversation as to the origin Italian pasta recipes.

Many in Italy are convinced pasta was invented in China and brought to Italy in the 13th century.

But does it really matter? Pasta, Italian for dough, is a widely used term for noodles made into a dough from flour, water and eggs.

Pasta is considered a staple that makes up most Italian recipes.

There are many dishes which Italian pasta is the primary entree.

All are usually served with sauce, specifically tomato sauce. And sauces can be just as much excitement as making home-made noodles.

Italian Pasta Recipes

Fresh Pasta Noodles

But preparing Italian pasta recipes, while intensely laborious, are loads of fun!

Everyone should at least make it from scratch once to thoroughly know the distinction between what we purchase from the market and what is made from scratch in our home!

In everyday Italian cooking, pasta normally is served with the entree.

It goes so well with meatballs, chicken, lamb and pork.

It is immensely popular with bread! And, if you look in the book store cookbook sections, you will find a cookbook where the noodle is always served.

Remember, prepare it from scratch.

When consumed, you will prefer its flavor and texture over any of the prepared brands and the experience you get from making the dough will definitely urge you to make more recipes with Italian pasta.

Try Aglio e Olio with fresh pasta first then with market brand pastas.  Once you taste the difference the only way you will use the market brands is because of time.

But lets first speak to what brings your family to the dinner table.  

Is is because it is required or is it because the family enjoys eating your meals and having great conversation?

In our home my Top Secret Recipes that have always brought our entire family home to eat has always involved pasta.

When you try my Italian family recipes you may want to make them your secret weapons in terms of recipes and Italian cooking recipes all in one!

As in mine, your secret recipe does not have to be gourmet, or have an abundance of seasonings or take all day to prepare.

The secret to easy everyday cooking is being able to prepare and serve a family meal in less than a hour but the real secret is being able to prepare in advance.

While some of our family recipes take a bit longer to prepare and cook, you will find using a little imagination and planning, you can assemble a meal and it will taste like you slaved over a hot stove all day.

So what will be your secret?

Try any of these recipes below that can be adorned with pasta.  

Call them your own as long as like and offer up our site as a lead in to someone who is looking for Italian style recipes.

After you have taste tested you can add or remove ingredients to suit your palate, after all, that's why they bring our family together at the table.  Are they my Top Secret weapons for family gatherings?  I'd like to think so. 



Top Secret Recipe #1 - Gnocchi 

TS Recipe #2 - Fettuccine 

TS Recipe #3 - Tomato Sauce 

TS Recipe #4 - Ravioli 

TS Recipe #5 - Meatballs 

TS Recipe #6 - Rock Cornish Game Hens 

TS Recipe #7 - Aglio e Olio

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