What has Cheese, Mayonnaise, is grilled and served warm... Grilled Cheese Bread - Of Course!

This Grilled cheese bread recipe is not a grilled cheese sandwich.

It is a bread on the idea of what we see in the market as "focaccia bread" that is sprinkled with olive oil and a mixture of herbs.

What we do here is use only Grams bread for full flavor. How to Make Gram's Bread.

This is a great hors d'oeuvres that can be topped with meats, tomato or other types of cheeses.

Grilled Cheese Bread - with Gram's Bread


  • 1/4 lb (1 stick soft) Butter
  • 3 tablespoons mayonnaise
  • 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese


Blend butter mayonnaise and cheese together until soft.

Spread mixture on both sides of Gram's Bread, or use either French or Italian sliced bread.

First spread plain mayonnaise on both sides of the bread

Grill one side of the bread until golden brown.  Do not put any cheese on the top side.  

Flip the bread over and grill the other side until golden brown.

While grilling the second side, spread the blended butter, mayonnaise and Parmesan cheese on the top side.

When the second side is grilled, flip the topped spread and grill for about 15 seconds.

Remove from the griddle and serve hot


Do not let the sides burn.

This makes a great Super Bowl Snack! 

Make home-made bread for Grilled Cheese Bread. 

Make Deviled Eggs in addition to cheese bread for your Super Bowl Party. 

Find that perfect grilling pan here. 

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