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John and Chris Lutzen

Sep 04, 2015

Panko Pork Chops - Crusted!

Panko Pork Chops (crusted) that melt in your mouth!

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May 06, 2015

Google Now Ranking Your Web Site for Smart Phone Use! Don't let your site get penalized for Non-Compliance!

Google, the #1 Search Engine in the world just reported that more websites are being searched for on smart phones and tablets than on computers these days.

And Why Not? Smart Phones and tablets are portable, easy to use and if you were going to build a web site but just got that news and thought I don't know how to do that then decided against building one, let us help you solve that problem!

The service provider we use to build our website Easy Everyday Cooking Recipes solves that problem before you are even concerned about it.

You do not have to be a "techie" as our ISP does all the hard work so you can focus on building a web site that gets the clicks.

And, if you already have a web site and was thinking of changing, our ISP can be your saving grace.

Read why below then decide for yourself!


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Apr 19, 2015

The Snow is Gone but our Cape Cod Fillets are Not!

Yes! The snow is gone on Cape Cod and time to think about spring on the Cape and of course how to prepare a heart healthy meal while seeing the sights....

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Feb 20, 2015

Deviled Eggs - The snack of champions...

Deviled Eggs - A hard to beat, easy to make appetizer!

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Jan 07, 2015

Chicken Wings - A Favorite of Louise

Chicken wings that will make your taste buds smile...

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Jul 20, 2014

We are in Full Swing on Cape Cod

Enjoy our Cape Cod Fillets while you Visit Cape Cod and the town of Yarmouth.

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Jun 01, 2014

Dog House - An Open Air Restaurant on Cape Cod

Dog House Restaurant - Where The Hot Dogs are Great on Cape Cod

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Mar 10, 2014

Chicken Salad

Chris's Chicken Salad with Grapes, Apple and Celery. A delight to your palate.

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Dec 31, 2013

Better Luck Next Year?

Wow! 2013 has been a tumultuous year!

Never in my lifetime have I seen a president and congress be so Anti-EVERYTHING! And, I'll guess they did not take a lead from Easy-Everday-Cooking-Recipes.net and begin the new year by preparing, then eating our good luck New Year recipe for success!

Just kidding, but maybe they should have as ever since we found this generational tasty recipe for new year luck it has been an delicious year of good fortune for our family. Oh, I know, it is superstitious, but...it's your call. You never know. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Nov 25, 2013

It's That Time Again!!!

Cook the turkey. Bake the Ham. Make the Stuffing!!!

Yes, make the stuffing. I know you will enjoy and don't forget to give some of our other tasty recipes the look.

Click the Link below and have a Happy Thanks Giving... Gobble! Gobble!

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Dec 19, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Well, another year is coming to an end and sad to say, this year in America we are ending on a sad note.

As we all mourn the loss life from the storm and most recently in New town, CT we still must look to a brighter day.

Two years ago Chris and I had great news bestowed upon us and this year also, and while we are not superstitious we did have pleasantries bestowed upon us after starting the new year with a dish of Hoppin John.

(Copy cut and paste the following URL into your browser https://www.easy-everyday-cooking-recipes.net/hoppinjohn.html).

A tasty dish reminiscent to early 20th century is supposed to bring good luck to all who eat it. It happened to us so who knows, it just might bring you some good luck too.

Whatever you decide, the best to you and yours in the New Year and may the families recover and heal from the tragedy that recently occurred in their lives.

Happy New Year.

John & Chris

Nov 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

We are a grateful nation that understands what it means to keep family together and Thanksgiving is upon us.

There are many soldiers who are deployed and will not be able to join with their families for America's traditional Thanksgiving family gathering.

If you know a soldier's family member who is without their loved one during this time, extend them the warmth of your family. Give them thanks for keeping the home fire lit for their loved ones safe return. It is a quiet sacrifice a soldier's family endures.

In return for your warmth, our thanks to you is a wonderful sausage stuffing that goes nicely with your traditional thanksgiving feast.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris & John

P.S. Thank a Veteran for their service.

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Sep 23, 2012

Cape Cod Chowder

Cape Cod Chowder is an easy to prepare delicious home-style fish chowder your family with enjoy even at home.

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Sep 22, 2012

Fall is approaching
and soon the cooking will begin.

With the summer solstice waining and fall fast approaching, our thoughts start shifting to the holidays.

Many of us will plan for the holidays while working one or two jobs to make ends meet hoping to have what seems to be diminishing in this country... the American Dream. Others will wait for government, and still others will continue to search for work and a new beginning.

Our forefathers risked life and limb to live free. They worked the ground, hunted for food and built shelter for their families. They fought among themselves and found that freedom has a price.

Our bounty for today is high unemployment, government intervention and so-called quiet movements marching to a world wide order to an ever deceived population. Not what the Constitution of the United States is about, but none-the-less, one world governing body, and bringing America into Chaos is the plan.

Is that what we Americans want? One World Order?

If you think I am far-fetched, search the net for one world order.

And while you are searching, take pride in our comfort food recipes such as our Meatloaf, Sausage stuffing, Sogood Spareribs, Pork Tenderloin and more. They are Easy Everyday Cooking recipes.

Enjoy the fall and enjoy our recipes.

We love this country, because of the freedom it affords.

Don't let the American Dream go down the drain.

Vote to remove the current administration. They are our biggest threat.

The last 4 years has demonstrated what a liberal progressive congress and president can do.

The Constitution of the United States is being threatened. Be American because this is what it means to BE FREE!


P.S. And Cook Up A Storm In Your Kitchen!

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and soon the cooking will begin."

Aug 26, 2012

John's Signature Meatballs!

A few weeks ago we had entertained friends here on Cape Cod and one of our menu items was meatballs...

I know, meat-balls are just that, but everyone likes Italian and Gram's meat-balls are always a favorite in our home.

In our travels, we have come across some ingredients that have enhanced Gram's melt in your mouth to die for meatballs and since I am a person of gastronomical adventure with Italian food decided to kick them up a notch.

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Oct 02, 2011

Tired? Bored? Looking for a Snack?

We are always looking for something fun to eat, and if it tasty and healthy, even better.

Our friends on the web just love the attention we provide, but more so we enjoy their links cause.... they are interesting and diverse!

Now if you are looking for a snack, see our latest addition. Hey, it's Snack Time somewhere.... John

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Sep 29, 2011

Why Eat Out When You Can Eat In, Go Red Sox?

With the sad passing and final loss of the Boston Red Sox I am sad to say you can now stay home to eat. Right?

Hey it's football season and last weekend I made SoGood Pulled Pork only to watch the Patriots get hammered.

Well at least we ate well, and I can tell you you won't be disappointed... Remember, it's the sauce that's the boss.... See our Spare Ribs recipe below for the sauce. Apply liberally, especially when depressed!

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Sep 03, 2011

hoppinjohn or Hoppin' John

Hoppinjohn Black-Eyed Peas and the best that the South can offer when it comes to Good Luck. Don't believe.... Read!

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Aug 20, 2011

Whod a Thought

I would have just provided you the meatless version of Chris's Lasagna!

Well, you know Chris & I are both meat lovers, and how can you blame us? And while my doc says lay off the red meat, how can you resist when you prepare and cook lasagna with so much love....?

Well, here is how and what I use for Chris's lasagna to make it a meat-lovers version, (sorry vegetarians I gave you first shot)....

1 - Pound of 90% Lean Ground Sirloin.

1/2 Pound of Ground Sweet Italian Sausage. (Make sure you find a market that finely grinds their sausage meat and uses little fat).

1 Whole Medium Sweet Onion.

Garlic powder, Salt and Pepper to taste.

Steam cook the sausage until done, then grind in your blender.

Saute the onion with 1 tablespoon Olive Oil until it sweats (turns translucent).

Add the ground sirloin and the ground sausage, salt, pepper and garlic to taste.

When fully cooked, drain and let cool then add it to the cheese layer.... Oh man, I'm so hungry... gotta go!


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Jun 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing Anyone?

Wow! With HGTV showing how everyday people are saving a bundle when shopping it is no wonder EVERYONE is trying extreme couponing. Heck, when our own government takes food and fuel out of inflation figures and we see smaller packinging with higher prices, what are we to do?

Well, we're trying to help! On every page of our site, we are offering you the opportunity to sign up for FREE INTERNET COUPONS.

While extreme couponing may be a craze now, coupons have existed ever since I was a child, and I'm older than dirt!

What do you have to lose? One of Chris's office workers has a huge book in alphabetical order...and, she just loves paying, well, almost nothing.

Our gift to you.

Happy Couponing,

John & Chris

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Apr 23, 2011

Uses for Coffee Filters and did you know there are Easter Chickens?

Every now and then you come across information that peaks your interest. Tidbits and trivia that just is so interesting it makes you stop and think.

And all the while you read about the topic, you say to yourself “That is so common sense."

In addition you assume, everyone else knows that too, letting it go never to pass on the tidbit to your friends or family.

Or you may feel inferior to a friend or sibling who went to college and now they are constantly reminding you of that and they know better... Kind of like our President but I digress...

But - Who Knows? Some things can be amusingly useful and just may provide a topic of discussion that is light, interesting and helpful to others, such as when I recently visited one of our site links we are famous for providing our readers and clicked on their Hard Boiled Eggs link.

Had I had been an Agriculture major I might have been aware of this.

So, with the Easter Bunny hot on our tail, there are such things as real live Easter Egg Chickens!

Should you be contemplating the next 4-H project for your children, you can raise these birds.

Moreover, the education your child will receive will forever be part of your lives.

In addition, you can shelve your Easter Egg coloring kit because what you will discover is amazing!

I did mention in the title of this blog new uses for coffee filters but do not have enough space in the blog to cover it.

Because of the space restriction, we will send you an email with the list of useful things you can do with coffee filters.

Again, I apologize for the inconvenience but it is what it is... see our Contact Us ... Also, we value your privacy and will not use, share or sell your email. However, if you sign up for Troys Tasty newsletter (see top right of page) we can keep in touch. Thank you!

Apr 17, 2011

The Easter Bunny Is Coming!!

Hi There!

With all religous holidays, there is something special waiting for those who believe.

The Christian holiday of Easter is upon us. Family gaterings will take place, but not all family members will be able to eat all the same foods due to some type of allergy.

We recently had the honor of finding a great site for those who enjoy eating but have an allergy to gluten.

What? Yes, there are a couple in our family who are allergic to eggs, and gluten.....yes, we try to provide for those needs and sometimes don't know where to look.

So while preparing your menu for Easter, check out our links page for great gluten free cooking!

Chris & John

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Apr 09, 2011

No Government Shutdown here! A Rebirth of Help is a click away...

Can you believe it?

All the news about shutting down the government and how the Republicans/Tea Party congressmen/women want to cut programs for the sick, elderly, and whatever else is DEMOCRATIC RHETORIC! They had the opportunity to balance the budget when they had complete control of the government, but they CHOSE NOT TO PUT TOGETHER A BUDGET. They want an OPEN ENDED CHECKBOOK!

Would you print money to fill your checkbook if it meant handing the bill to your children? I think not! Common sense says otherwise...

Now the Democrats are whining and making s____ up to make the Republican/Tea Party members look terrible in the eyes of all Americans.

What a shame.....The American Tax Payers want spending and mismanagement to end but like adolescents, the Democrats keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result from the tax payers! Hmm.... sounds like the definition of insanity to me....

I am with the consensus the existing congress should all be ousted... but I digress....

So.......to stay on topic....And Keep with the American Spirit..... Help our economic situation...Keep our expenses down.....Use our ingenuity.....We have re-birthed our recipe site links page (no Federal Funds Used Here) to provide you a plethora of links to benefit you!

We spanned the globe looking for people, culture, and ideas to help you balance your budget at home.

The Best Part is it FREE for you to glean.

Click the link below, have a taste of great at-home recipes and pull some budget busting tips from our link partners.

There is No Government Shutdown here! The Rebirth of Help is a click away...

Chris and John

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Mar 19, 2011

Six Secrets that can save you from Indigestion!

We all agree that cooking food requires some skill and degree of safety in the kitchen when using hot stoves appliances and cutting instruments, but do we all remember.......

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Mar 05, 2011

Is There a Recipe to Preserve Who You Are?

Chris and I recently pulled out our old stereo we had stored away and decided to use it again. The question was, “Is where we live now where we want to use it?”

For the most part the answer was no, but after storing it since we moved we decided it was time we started living our lives again.

We pulled the components, some of them over 20 years old, out of their boxes and started assembling. Soon we had the stereo assembled. We connected it to our TV and started watching our old videos.

Our nostalgia got the best of us and decided it would be great if our grandchildren new what it was like when their mother was growing up, so now we're sorting our old pictures, getting them ready to be digitized to pass on to our daughter and her family.

We asked, “Is this what we want to do?”

It may not be for everyone, but if your pictures are piled in the basement like ours you might want to consider what we're doing.

Is it time-consuming? Yes, however we want our grandchildren to see our legacy and that we were young once too. In addition they will see their Mom was once just like them.

Case in point, our education system has dismissed so much of our U.S. History leaving our current generation without an understanding of what it took to make our country great. Preserving our family history will help our grandchildren understand who they are, the kind of family they came from and that always striving for the brass ring is something our ancestors fought to guarantee for them and provided in our Constitution.

Yes, it is a project, but technology has advanced so much we now have the solution to the problem!

The Go Photo link to the right can help you get started. Get excited and start re-living and sorting..... digitize your family, have fun doing it and preserve the history that will be theirs forever.

As my good friend Harold T. Flanagan used to say to me.... Never forget where you came from! Digitizing my old photos is my recipe to preserve who my family is. The ball is in your court... John

Feb 06, 2011

Super Football Bowl Sunday - Eating Extravaganza

It's a glorious day to be a Steelers and Packers fan, and I'll be the 1st to enjoy 2 of our favorite Super Sunday Football foods during kickoff at game time.... This one is easy and takes about 30 mins to prepare (unless you are Chris who does it at blinding hand numbing speed), starting in the morning to let simmer all day.

So enjoy the game in the best seat in the house and have the best all-around meatballs at game time!

Yours in eating moderation on this Super Sunday... yeah right.....lol! John

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Jan 08, 2011

Bring Spice To Your Food and Life!

One of the most fascinating joys to cooking is when you add a little spice to a relatively bland meal and "BAM", the flavor pops making an OK meal great!

Look back on the history of seasonings, the Orient was the place to go for spices.

Heavily contested sailing routes to the east was the norm, and many a ship passed to bring spices to Europe, not only for taste, but for preserving.

Those who sailed west to the Americas brought with them the spices of the time.

With the advance of technology, today we use spice for flavor, not thinking of its use to preserve or for its nutritional value.

As America has grown each new nationality introduces dishes, spices and cooking methods that today serves as our new eating frontier. And these spices are giving us incentive to cook like great chefs.

In a recent article in Science Daily(R), researchers are discovering that spices used in marinades and directly on our food may contain unforeseen health benefits. And the question is do we use more?

While the health benefits may be too new to tell, the spice that our forefathers used to aid in food preservation just might prove to be more beneficial than just adding a “pop” to our taste buds.

However, you know how research and studies go... Today something is bad then 10 years later the researchers tell you it is good, go figure...

I guess we need be open minded and make our best eating choices based on our own decisions.

Should you visit our links page you will find a plethora of interesting recipe sites.

These use many different and tasteful spices, some you may already use and many more you might want to try.

When preparing a “Recipes From Louise” entree you will notice very little seasoning is used. This is because each flavor is to stand on its own. Louise wanted each person to decide how meld the taste by adding only what they want on it.

Whatever your taste, you can be assured that generations have lived well enjoying easy everyday cooking with recipes from Louise.

From our family to yours. May you have a happy and prosperous New Year and enjoy one of our favorite spice filled recipes that helps keep the spice our life!

John & Chris

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Dec 26, 2010

New Years Cleaning Tip.

Well, it's New Years Resolution time so I am not going to ask you what your new years resolution is going to be. Just want to provide a way to help you with the cleanup after your New Years party.

-----------HAPPY NEW YEARS!------------

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