Where is the best place to taste Everyday Italian Cooking Recipes?

You guessed it... Your Kitchen! Yes, Italian cooking recipes can simulate the rich and varied heritage Italians have and can bring delightful meals you can call your own.

Everyday you can thank Italian cooking recipes for bringing your family home to eat rather than eating out. Don't think so, think again?

For over 33+ years my husband came home to eat, or ate an Italian recipe that I cooked before he left for his avocation as a citizen soldier. Here's why....

Italian Cooking Recipes - The reasons why...

  • Pasta - there isn't a person who does not like home made pasta meals.  With so many different types of pasta and brand names, cooking Italian has become very easy.
  • However, making your own pasta when preparing an Italian meal is so much more enjoyable than using the pre-made pastas.
  • Sauce - tomato, pesto and Alfredo are all part of a delicious meal that everyone loves.
  • Again, sauces from different brands also offer you great flavor.  No longer do you have to use the standardized brands that use carrots instead of tomatoes. And if you make your own, you will save a bundle of cash and can freeze it to use with other meals days later.
  • Meatballs - did you know there are more nationalities that have a form of meatball and they all cook them similarly? Why not take your ethnic meatball to the next level in your favorite Italian dish?
  • Cheese - what Italian dish rarely contains less than one kind of cheese? And with the competition, the national brands are losing ground because people have discovered that fresh and aged cheeses have a much better flavor as well are better for you because they are not as commercially made.
  • Olive oil - heart healthy and flavorful, this oil truly is worth the interest and if nothing else, you'll be able to discern the taste when you eat at an authentic Italian restaurant.

And this is just scratching the surface!

Everyday Italian cooking dishes are not exclusive of any mediterrainian vegetable or meat.

They include meat and vegetable entrees, one-dish specialty meals and time-saver casseroles for the busy family, and most can be accomplished inside 1-hour!

The great thing about Italian cooking is that Italy is one among countries that have a diversified cuisine because one region is practically foreign to the other.

But this is going by the way side due to technology so those of us living in other countries can experience the regions without leaving our homes.

Italy, with a variety of speech, food, and customs, makes preparing easy dinners a snap!

As you will see, the Italian dishes contained in Easy-Everyday-Cooking-Recipes have been time-tested and are ideal for:

  • outdoor dining
  • intimate dinners
  • large family gatherings

You will become the most popular family chef where everyone will be asking for seconds!

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