Handy Battery Operated
Can Opener

One Touch Can Opener Top View

I love gadgets, and the handy battery operated One Touch can opener is a fun one!

There are a lot of small kitchen utensils that make life easier in the kitchen and this is one of them.

One of the great features One Touch opener is it fits inside a drawer.  No more having a bulky electric can opener take up precious counter space.

The battery operated device is quite easy to use.  

You have to install 2 double "AA" batteries for power, but after that, just place the device on the can press the button then go about your business.

Installing the batteries is easy with the One Touch opener.

There is a small catch that holds the battery cover on.  Quite easy... press, push or pull in the direction of the arrows until you are able to grasp the cover.  Lift off to expose the battery compartment.

Can Opener

When inserting the batteries, pay attention to the direction arrows inside each battery slot.

Once the batteries are installed in the One Touch, put the cover on and your ready for use. (See graphic right ---->).

One Touch Battery Illustration

To open a can is quite simple.

Place the opener on top of the can next to the metal wheel. Press and hold the black button until the motor starts and the device starts to turn.

No need to worry about shutting the device off. Once it completes the cutting of the can top the motor will speed up then shut off. Lift the can opener and top (there is a magnet to hold the device to the can) then remove the can top.

A few things you need to know about its use.

First and foremost, when the batteries get low, you stand the chance of locking the opener to the can.

At that point you may never get to remove the opener and the lid (unless of course, it stopped just as the can top was totally cut).

Huh?  Yes, if the batteries die in the process of cutting the lid, there is no release mechanism.  

The opener performs a death grip on the lid... kind of like an animal with lock jaw!  

However, you will know when the batteries get low.  At that point, consider installing fresh batteries.

One Touch Opener - Bottom View

Under side of opener

Another concern is when the lid is cut, you may end up with some of the can label inside the can.  

Automated can labeling is not perfect, so some cans have labels right at the edge of the can top.  

Not a problem if the label is light or brightly colored, but if it is green or dark and you are cooking green vegetables, it may blend in with your vegetables, so be on the lookout (What, you don't like extra fiber?).  

The solution is to look at the ends of the can to see which has more metal showing and open the can from that end.

The other concern is that can edges while not jagged, are sharp.  

They say there are not sharp edges, but experience has taught me, any thin metal exposure can be a risk. Be careful.

Overall, the One Touch opener is cool.  A fun device to use in the kitchen.

And, with a little instruction, the kids can become your little kitchen helper. Also, you do not have to wait for it or hold it in order to have the lid removed.

The opener turns on top of the can then stops when the cut is complete.  A magnet keeps the lid on top of the can as you lift the opener off the can.

The speed up of the motor is a signal the death grip has released.

Please note, we purchased our One Touch battery operated can opener.  

We also do not receive any remuneration from the manufacturer.  

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