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In addition, we have partnered with other great people and cultures around the world to provide you a plethora of home, inspiration, cooking, travel as well as recipes to fill your senses.

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Local and International Recipe sites for your taste buds from: 

Fun, Easy and with a Twist! Easy Easy Recipes with "Twist". Here Victoria Paikin offers plenty of quick and easy recipes, budget friendly recipes and cooking tips with easy, cheap, flavourful “Twist”s.

The Best Soups and Tips for preparation. Home Made Soups and easy tips on preparation.

The Best Potatos and Tips for preparation. A searchable collection of the world’s best potato recipes and tips on how to grow and store potatoes.

International Chicken Recipes A great selection of simple chicken recipes from around the world including Baking recipes, BBQ recipes, Chicken Salads and so much more.

Looking for Great Sandwiches? Here is a great selection of sandwiches from around the world including BBQ sandwich, Cuban sandwich, low fat sandwiches and many more!

And For Great Barbecue.... Outdoor Cooking Recipes - Free barbecue grill recipes & meat smoker cooking ideas on gas, charcoal or electric. Outdoor grilling tips, easy fire pit menus, healthy rotisserie suggestions, best homemade bbq sauce recipes.

Planning a Wedding? Outdoor Wedding Planning - Free tips, easy appetizers and much more.

Healthy Eating with Exercise is a conscience decision, so... Healthy Eating Made Fun - Experiment with healthy recipes and exercise routines and discover how looking and feeling your best can really be made FUN. Take the 'Drab' out of losing, gaining or maintaining weight but instead enjoy your journey to a healthier, happier you.

Sensational Hungarian Food need not go by the wayside! Sensational Hungarian Food from the kitchen of authetic Hungarians flavoured by their secrets to Hungarian cooking, including a collection of original Hungarian food recipes.

Fantastic Greek and Mediterranean Delights My Greek Recipes - healthy and delicious Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Food inspiration for the creative cook.

All About Berries Berries are one of the treasures of living in a temperate climate. They are delicious, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, easy to grow, and adapt to many different recipes in the kitchen.

Tasty and Easy Indian Food Recipes Easy Indian Food Recipes - A good collection of mouthwatering easy Indian Food Recipes. Enjoy Indian cooking with these easy Indian Recipes.

Looking for Delicious Holiday Recipes? And who isn't! A collection of delicious holiday recipes, found nowhere else, that will tantalize your family's taste buds and open your kitchen to new culinary experiences.

Additions for your Culinary Collections... eCookbooksgalore - Everything that has to do with cooking and more.

Easy Everday Cooking recipe sites provide more subject interest and intrigue than any other recipe sites on the web.

Explore Cookbooks and Custom Grocery Lists Explore cookbooks and get customized grocery lists to simplify your meal planning. Want to find new cookbooks with hundreds of recipes, cooking tips and ideas? Then, you've come to the right place!

Health and Generational recipe sites

Find the Mexican Taste in you! Mexican Recipe4Living is dedicated to providing the best Mexican recipes on the web! With hundreds of tasty recipes - both traditional and non-traditional - Mexican Recipe4Living strives to expand the world of Mexican cooking at home! Try something new or find a twist on an old favorite.

A Great Network of cooking knowledge of Generations can be found at RecipeDirect.Net - Your Complete Recipe Source - Recipes, Cooking Tips and Cooking Videos. We are a Network of families and friends pooling generations of knowledge and Recipes Direct from our family to yours.

Health and Inspiration, always in demand, gives you Tips and advice on fitness, health, diet, supplements, budgets, organization, wealth and motivation. This is a great resource for inspiration and suggestions. The best advice always comes from moms.

Have allergies? Then Gluten-Free Cooking is a creative and dynamic gluten-free recipe site for everyone interested in living well and thriving with Celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, food allergies and anyone who is a fan of delicious and downright yummy food.

Give Your Taste-buds a Treat with our Chocolate and Coffee Recipes Homemade Chocolate Dessert recipes and so much more: Coffee, Cookies, Frosting, and Videos too! Chocolate and Coffee recipes HERE!

Crock pot recipes and More

Easy Crock Pot recipes that Make a Meal can save you time and money!Slow-Cooker/Crock-Pot recipes for beginners and more advanced cooks are great recipes that make a great meal and give you the freedom to get you away from a hot stove.

Delicious Peach Recipes for the Foodie In You! Peach Recipes at Peach Depot -Lets you enjoy hundreds of free, easy peach recipes with pictures, peach nutritional information and more. A website devoted entirely to everything peach!

Looking for a Guide to Easy Cooking? This cooking site can guide you through the trials and tribulations of cooking. Cooking Easy Recipe Partners takes you through some expidient ways to make your kitchen experiences more fun with all sorts of recommendations.

Love To Snack? Or does work, school, travel or family got you on the run? If you answered yes to any of the circumstances there is hope for your eating on the go, or for just plain fun!

Our recipe sites are a haven for those looking for an alternative. Easy Everyday Cooking is what we strive for, but our friends are demonstrating there are ways to find healthy snacks that allow you to get through the day without feeling deprived.

This link best describes Snack Man's Best Healthy Snacks! So if easy everyday cooking seems to be a luxury and you love snacking, then this site is a necessity not only for you but also for your family pet!

Afternoon Teas Please.... But snacking is an American past-time! We constantly snack. But did you know, an afternoon tea is the UK form of snacking?

In the 18th century, the afternoon tea was a ritual of the upper class. And Afternoon Teas took on a whole new life. 

In the UK, an Afternoon Tea Party is a great way for new neighbors, friends, church ladies and writers groups to get together for a fun and relaxing afternoon, while drinking tea and the benefit is good for your health!

Learning How to Make the Sunday Sauce! Is not your average Italian Cooking web page. Here Anthony tells you like it was learning how to cook with his Italian grandmother. Lots of tasty recipes, memories and more.....

With recipe sites and links like these, Easy Everday Cooking Recipes gives you more value!

Each of our recipe sites and links are selected by Chris or John so that the Foodie In You is inspired to come back and visit us.

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