Grandfather (s)- Every Child Should get to know!

My Grandfather on my mother's side was a steadfast gentleman who worked hard all his life.

He married my Grandmother who by today's standards would have been considered too young to marry. But that was the way it was.

You see, you married young because there was no 21st century medicine like there is today. People rarely lived past age fifty or sixty and in many families the marriage was arranged.

From Italy, "Patsy" as he was called, took his skills and built a landscaping and nursery business in West Hartford that became the standard by which all landscapers had to aspire.

A mild mannered man, Patsy had a way with people and his workers.  They enjoyed working with him and whenever they had to stop by his home, Louise would always welcome them breaking bread and inviting them to eat.

His knack of reading the landscape and placing the right plants in the correct locations made him and his crews sought after.

His business took a different turn of events after WWII when the greatest generation came home from the wars and began building family and a life for theirs.

Grandfather - Times Two

On my father's side was a large man in stature, (he was all of 5 feet 4 inches when he became a Naturalized American Citizen) who knew his place in America and went for the American Dream.

He formed a successful construction company that was well known in the early forties, fifties and sixties, also in West Hartford to which my father and Uncle eventually became partners.  They ran the company until they both decided to retire.

Grandpa doted over my mother when she was carrying me and my sisters.

He passed before I could get to know him but my mother got to know him well as he made sure she had everything to take care of us kids.

While both grand parents have separate plots in the same cemetery these immigrants were successful people who brought two families together through marriage.

Their success in life was from hard work and dedication to family.

While we pass through life focusing on career and family where would we be without family? 

For this reason my husband and I have made sure our daughter's children know who we are, where their roots come from and why family is so important to their identity as adults.

Learn about the woman who shaped both a business and a grand daughter.

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