Breakfast Fries
Not Your Ordinary French Fries

Breakfast Fries are a treat my grandmother used to make. They were prepared when there was little or no bread left in the house for breakfast.

While not fries in the current sense as we know, they are tasty morsels that are a cross between eggs and flour.

We haven't found a recipe like this anywhere so for an unusual morning meal, try these on for size.

And if you have prepared our meatballs in advance, cooking them without sauce, you can add these as your meat.

However, good italian pasta recipes always make for satisfying meals or snacks should there be any left-overs.

Take for instance, Aglio e Olio Pasta meal.

This meal was prepared when there were few ingredients to make sauce.

It is a recipe that you can prepare when you do not have any sauce but have olive oil, a bit of parmesan cheese, salt and pepper or chili pepper.

This meal is tasty and filling, and if you like chili, you can make 5 alarm Aglio by increasing the chili powder to taste... but I digress.

So try the breakfast fries with some home made meatballs, with or without sauce.

You may be pleasantly surprised.


  •      2 eggs (separated, see below)
  •      2.5 cups flour
  •      3 tsp baking powder
  •      1/2 tsp salt
  •      2 cups whole milk
  •      1/2 tbs sugar

Breakfast Fries - ala Louise


Separate the egg whites from the yolk and beat.

Mix baking powder with beaten egg yolks.

Add flour, salt, sugar and milk and mix well.

Stiffly beat egg whites, then fold into egg yolks.

Drop tablespoons full in deep fat frying pan and cook until brown.

Syrup or honey may be used for a topping.


Serve Hot. 

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These Tasty Morsels Our Treat.

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